ABCDEs of Diabetes: E for healthy Eating! (part 2)

Healthy eating is also very important to help improve your blood glucose control.
It helps reduce your A1C by 1.0-2.0% (read here for more about A1C).
Keep in mind that healthy eating does not mean you have to go on a diet or stop eating your favorite foods.
Key points: portion and moderation!

Tips to help you get started:
– eat 3 meals per day. If the gap between meals is greater than 5-6 hours, have a snack.
– eliminate or reduce sugars and sweets: sugar, regular soft drinks, desserts, candies, jam and honey.
– reduce high-fat foods: fried food, chips, pastries, creamy sauces.
– eat more fibre: whole grain bread and cereals, lentils, dried beans and peas, brown rice, vegetables and fruits.
– At each meal, combine carbohydrate and protein:
~ carbohydrate: whole grain bread and cereal, rice, noodles, or potatoes.
~ protein: fish, lean-meat, low-fat cheese, eggs, or vegetarian protein choices.
-Don’t forget your dairy products (milk or yogurt) and fruits which would be a good choice for a healthy snack!

The following will help guide you with portion sizes at your meals. If you are eating more than the portions in the pictures below, start by decreasing the amount of food you put on your plate.

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