Ask the RD: Holiday Buffets

Q: How do I handle a holiday buffet???

A: Buffets are a great opportunity to try all sorts of foods, but they’re also a huge temptation to overeat.

  • If you’re attending a party with a buffet, survey all the food before digging in. Is it possible to make healthier choices? Are there foods you absolutely have to have? By deciding what you really want first, you can plan accordingly.
  • If there is salad or other vegetables available, try filling half your plate with these foods. Eating these nutrient-packed foods first will fill you up a bit and lessen the temptation of the options high in carbohydrates and fats.
  • Find some protein! Chicken, shrimp, turkey, beef, or other seafood can all work here – protein will help keep your appetite satisfied and prevent overeating.
  • Fill the rest of your plate with some carbohydrate choices that have some fibre in them – so whole-grain crackers, brown rice, or whole grain tortillas or wraps.
  • Try to only have one plate. Move to another area of the room so you don’t feel tempted to eat more than you’re really hungry for.

Assistance provided by Leandra Rabinovitch, dietetic intern

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