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Bring Your Workout INDOORS this Winter

Many people shy away from exercise during the winter because of the cold temperature, shorter days and snow covered sidewalks. But, exercise is important all year round, especially for people living with or at risk for diabetes. Joining a gym is a great option for exercising indoors, but for some people the gym can be […]

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Exercise Series: Using ExCarbs

Low blood sugars can be a particularly challenging and frustrating part of exercise when you live with diabetes. Often, preventing low blood sugars during/after exercise requires planning and adjustment of insulin. Even more challenging is when exercise is unplanned, and insulin has already been taken. In this case, extra carbs need to be taken to […]

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What is an Insulin Sensitivity Factor?

If you are taking rapid-acting insulin (sometimes called meal or bolus insulin, such as Novorapid, Humalog or Apidra), you educator may talk to you about the option of using an insulin sensitivity factor (ISF, for short) to better control your blood sugars. An ISF tells you how many mmol/l (or ‘blood sugar points’) 1 unit […]

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Featured App: March

HEALTHeDiabetes Developer: Calorie King Available for: iPhone Price: $5.99 Functions Search meals and recipes on the food database to track the nutrition of the foods you eat Record daily blood glucose values, exercise, and food and water intake Set goals for calories, carbohydrates and blood glucose; the app will tell you if readings are higher […]

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