Can I get rid of my diabetes?

Q. I just found out I have type 2 diabetes, what can I do to get rid of it?
Learning about a new diagnosis can be very difficult especially when you may have so many questions. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes you cannot get rid of it but you can manage it. In rare cases, some people may go into remission if they lose a lot of weight or undergo bariatric surgery in the early stages of diabetes. This means that you have no signs or symptoms of diabetes. However, it is very likely that the symptoms will come back after some time.

Diabetes is a progressive condition which means that with time your body may lose more of its ability to use the sugar and insulin efficiently. Every person is different and diagnosed at different stages. Depending on your blood sugars and lab results at the time of diagnosis, your doctor will discuss the different treatments:

  • lifestyle: nutrition, physical activity, weight loss
  • oral medications
  • insulin

The treatment will most probably change with time due to diabetes being progressive and new medications being available. Even though there will be several changes, one thing remains the same –> you are not alone: more than nine millions Canadians have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Ask your doctor to speak to a diabetes educator if you have more questions or explore our website!

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