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Packing a Protein Punch at Breakfast

Having a balanced breakfast is important to help maintain your blood sugars – this means filling your plate with good sources of carbohydrate and protein. Here is why adding protein at breakfast is a good idea: Eating protein foods will not raise your blood sugar. By adding protein to breakfast it can slow the absorption […]

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Planning Balanced Snacks

When you are thinking about snacks, what comes to your mind first? People often associate snacking with poor eating habits and variable blood sugar control. However, with a few tips in mind and careful planning, snack can become part of your healthy living routine. Timing of snacks Unlike the 3 regular main meals, a person […]

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Smart Carb Swaps

Many people feel overwhelmed by trying to follow a healthy diet for diabetes.  Often, we don’t realize that making just a few smart carb swaps can have a big impact on our blood sugars.  Most swaps can be made by choosing a lower carbohydrate or lower glycemic index alternative.  Try including some of these simple, […]

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Fill Up With Fibre

Fibre is the part of plants we can’t digest. It can be found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lentils. There are two different types of fibre, but try not to get confused – most foods are a combination of both. Soluble fibre is the type of fibre we can’t see, but it dissolves in […]

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