Featured App: February

Sweetbee Carb Counter

Developer: Sweetbee

Available for: Iphone, Android

Price: Freesweetbee


  • Search the app database for food; by name, category or brand
  • View specific carb and nutrient values for an example portion of the food
  • An image shows the approximate size of an example portion for the food selected
  • A graph shows the glycemic index for the food selected

Ease of Use

  • There is no instruction for how to get started using the app
  • No explanation of how to interpret nutrient values or glycemic index graph
  • Small number of features and simple design improve the usability of the app

Standout Features

  • Food information page gives useful details about the food and tips for carb counting
  • Nutrient information shows data for the carb components in the food (starch, galactose, fructose, glucose, lactose, sucrose)


  • Small database with very few, mostly European brands
  • App does not record food consumed and portion size shown cannot be adjusted
  • App crashes frequently on android device
  • Several translation errors throughout the app makes some information difficult to read and understand

Assistance provided by Olivia Wolter (2014 candidate, BASc Applied Human Nutrition)

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