Non-Food Rewards

How do you reward yourself for a hard day at work or a job well done? Have you ever thought that the way you reward yourself may be affecting your weight or your blood sugar level?

We often look to our favorite comfort foods as a reward because they make us feel good. However, most of the time the foods we choose for rewards are high in sugar, calories and fat, and can affect both our blood sugar level as well as our waistline.

Finding a way to reward yourself without food means that you can still enjoy the feeling of a reward without raising your blood sugar or gaining weight.

How can you reward yourself without food? Everyone is different, so the rewards will be different depending on what your hobbies and interests are, and what makes you feel good. Non food rewards should be easily accessible (shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes to find or plan), affordable (cost less than $10) and be enjoyable for you.

Some examples of non food rewards could be:

  • Taking a walk or drive to enjoy the fall colours
  • Purchasing and reading your favorite magazine or a new book
  • Renting your favorite movie or watching your favorite television show
  • Meeting your best friend for a walk or calling them on the phone
  • Spending time with your children/grandchildren
  • Playing with your pet
  • Organizing a pick up game of soccer/hockey/basketball with friends
  • Giving yourself an at home spa treatment (facial, manicure, pedicure)
  • Spending some time working on your garden or purchase yourself some flowers at a local flower shop
  • Playing a favorite board game with your family
  • Purchasing a new lip stick/eye shadow/nail polish and applying it

Try making a list of some non food rewards that you think might work for you, and keep it on hand for the next time you need a reward!

Get your family and friends on board for even more success! Remind them of your goals, and how they can help you achieve them. Talk about ways that they can show you they care, without putting your blood sugar and weight off track.

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