Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Many people still believe that women with diabetes should not get pregnant — this is not true! Women with diabetes can deliver healthy babies –> the key is pre-pregnancy planning.

It is recommended you work with your healthcare team several months prior to conception so that your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are such that it is safe for you to become pregnant. This means visiting your family physician as well as having an open discussion about planning for pregnancy with your endocrinologist and diabetes educator. Your doctor may need to make changes to your medications as certain cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes medications are not recommended during pregnancy.

Should I wait to see if I am pregnant before making changes…

The organs of a baby begin to form within the first 5 weeks of pregnancy. Around 8 weeks, a baby’s organs are completely formed. Unfortunately, many women may not even know they are pregnant at this time! That is why it is so important to get blood sugars in control before you conceive. By controlling your blood sugars before and during pregnancy you lower the risks associated with diabetes during pregnancy for both you and your baby.

An excellent resource that we would recommend for those living with type 1 diabetes and planning future pregnancies is the JDRF Pregnancy Toolkit, which can be found here.

From JDRF: This guide provides information explaining the disease management goals for pregnancy and reviewing how to obtain the best possible support from healthcare providers at every stage. Throughout this toolkit, we have included personal stories from women who are living with T1D and are in the various stages of pregnancy- planning, pregnant, and caring for their children.  Specific topics covered include: making the decision, conception, your medical team, what to expect in each trimester, the birth, coming home, planning for the future, and resources.

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