Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

New fitness tips to keep you on track



Plan it out – Write out your exercise goals for the week. If you are aiming for 30 minutes of exercise for three days, pick the days and times and write down what you plan to do to get your 30 minutes of activity.  Keeping a log of your workouts will give you a feeling of accomplishment and keep you motivated to stick with your plan.

Get outside – Take advantage of the warmer weather and extra hours of sunlight by spending time outdoors.  Gardening is a great way to move your body and relax your mind.  Research shows 30 minutes of gardening can increase flexibility; strengthen joints, and decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.  There is great deal of movement with gardening, like reaching for weeds or tall branches, lifting soil bags, bending to plant and extending a rake.  Gardening is a great way to get in physical activity, fresh air, and improve your landscape.  Help boost your nutrition too, by planting a veggie garden!

Partner up – Exercising with a friend or family member can lead to the biggest results.  Having a workout buddy keeps boredom away and makes time pass quickly.  Logging in the distance will be easier while chatting with a companion than when you are exercising alone.  You can break up your work day by asking a co-worker to join you for a walk during lunch.

Register for an event – Look into local races.  The 5K distance is perfect for beginners and a great way to get involved in your community and stay committed to your fitness goals leading up to the event.  Getting involved in organized events at work such as a volleyball league, running group or a baseball league will be a fun way to get involved and improve your fitness level.

Safety first – If you have been inactive for some time, talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program that is more strenuous than brisk walking.  Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that fit properly.  If you take insulin or medications that increase insulin levels, monitor your blood glucose before, during and many hours after your activity to see how it affects your blood glucose levels.  It is always a good idea to carry some form of fast-acting carbohydrate with you in case you need to treat low blood glucose (hypoglycemia), such as glucose tablets (preferred) or Life Savers.

Have fun, be active, and enjoy spring!

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