What to Expect From Your First Visit with a CDE

What to Expect From Your First Visit with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

A warm welcome! –  Your diabetes educator should give you a warm welcome and make you feel comfortable to share and ask questions.  They may ask you about your past diabetes education and recent diabetes history.

A review of:

Blood sugars – Your educator will review your logbook to see the patterns in your blood sugars, and where your therapy needs to be adjusted.

Medications – Your educator will ask about your oral diabetes medications and/or insulin, including how much and when you take them.

Diet and lifestyle – Your educator may ask you to recall a usual day of eating, including how much and how often you eat certain foods.  They will also discuss your exercise routine.

Injection technique and injection sites – If you take insulin, your educator may ask you about how, when and where you give your injections.  They may ask you to show them where you give your injections.

Education and recommendations- Your educator will teach you about the things you need to know to better manage your diabetes.  They may also recommend that you make a change to your diet, exercise, medications or insulin to improve your blood sugar control.

An opportunity to ask questions – Your educator should allow time for you to ask questions about your diabetes.  There may not be enough time to answer all of the questions that you have in one appointment.

Follow up plan – before you leave, you will create a follow up plan with your educator so that you can meet again to review your progress or discuss topics that you didn’t have time to cover in your first session.

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